Mercedes-Benz M-Class: Frame

The new generation of M-Class.

Advertising Agency: El Laboratorio, Madrid, Spain
Chief Creative Officer: Carlos Holemans
Creative Directors: Carla Romeu, Jesus Lada
Copywriter: Arturo Benlloh
Art Director: Nacho Soria
Account Supervisors: Ana Conde, Clara Hernangómez
Account Manager: Santiago Martinez


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I like it, but the "Author: M-Class" somewhat spoils it for me.

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this is SO fucking good!

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this is brilliant.

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Is interesting. That's all, nothing special here.

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Aitor Borras
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We should apreciate everything new on automotive, and that's it! ¡Felicidades a todo el equipo!

Creative Director.

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Sorry – I don't understand.

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john ler
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There's something odd in selling a "new generation" with a 19th century painting...

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Enhorabuena chicos. Es cojonuda!

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Certainly a new concept for a car company.

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This is sometimes that i dont like on car advertising, especially mercedes, for some of them, they didnt really convince the non users of the car, because in fact they didnt know the feature of it, and here, i totally agree with Grrr that atuhor : M-class does spoil the ad, and really nothing so special going on here

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Lisbon freak
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Couldn't see another car company doing that. I kinda like it.

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