Mercedes-Benz: Empty/Full

A Diesel engine makes all difference in the fuel consumption. ML 320 CDI with new Diesel engine 224hp.

Advertising Agency: Duecom, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Creative Director / Art Director: Juliano Weide
Copywriters: João Ricardo Mello, Duda Couto
Published: December 2008


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It's a mercedes. Just a simple art work...

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Talk about lost in translation...

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agreed. I suppose you can get away with this only as long as your country doesn't do letter grades.

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Fake fake fake. In portuguese E and F would be C and V, so this piece wouldn't work. Crappy fake.

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Not fake brother! Maybe in portuguese its C and V, but in all the cars of the world, it is E and F. Am I right?

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good come back!

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The technique behind this ad reminds me of that one:

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it's cool. sorry fart, thou art none. even amon mediocres.
E & F are the only 2 letters on the car's fuelmeter - be it from tanzania or from taaltola (a suburbia in eastern state of West Bengal, India, where a semi-complete hi-schooler is a rare item.
complimented beautifully by the "matter-of-fact" tone in the big-bold h/line ensures that the message goes right where most should go... the heart.

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This one is smart n concised..

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Not worth the comment...

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