Mercedes: Soccer

If you want more space. Sprinter Cargo.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Brazil
Creative Directors: Guy Costa, Alexandre Scaff
Art Directors: Lucas Heck, Ricardo Sarno
Copywriter: Filipe Medici
Photographer: Manipula

May 2011


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Doesn't seem like anything incredible. I like that there is a lot of space and that it brings curiosity to the print. I'm assuming that if you have a car you can get there and have the space to bring the fooztable there. I wouldn't give it a10 without explanation like the first reviewer did.

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Church Money
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I get that it's difficult to do something interesting and fun when you're advertising a cargo van, but please at least TRY to advertise to your target market, which isn't anybody shown in the 3 ads. These vans are for businesses who need to transport goods safely and efficiently - I get nothing like that from these ads.

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I didn't know that. If that's true you're right. It seems the ads target more families and business men.


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sad ad!

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Same problem here :
If they choose to play on the babyfoot table, rather than on the ground,
it's certainly because, In mercedes, all is better.

We can imagine, comfort, efficiency etc...

So the first sense of the ads, is inverted,
in my opinion

So : nice but wrong...

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Ed Rapport
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Ok I finally get it.. Not entirely the most creative way to exaggerate space. Looks like they (Mercedes Benz) has a really boring unimaginative marketing executive selling their Benzo's. Think I'll spend my hard earned dollars on a BMW instead.

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so abstract. maybe over-thinking

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Forever alone

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