Mercedes: Paris

Never get lost again.
New Mercedes A Class with GPS.

Advertising Agency: CLM/BBDO Paris, France
Creative Directors: Jean François Sacco, Gilles Fichteberg
Art Director: Sophian Bouadjera
Copywriter: Laurent Laporte

April, 2008


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Recognizable feeling :) Works for me, except the one with the person standing up. How is his frustration displayed? I can't see it...

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Can you honestly tell me ordinary people would actually get this visual?
And you have to remember they see ads ONE AT A TIME. Not within the conext of a campaign conveniently put together on some advertising web site. I don't even know what hell I'm looking at here even after having seen the other two (which were equally vague and lame...)

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this time I'm with you jet...

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Ahhh, he is screaming because he got annoyed...At first I thought he was going to the dentist, jajaja, I don't speak french.

Seriously , I think it needs more "street" feeling. A plaster wall as background, a "join the dots" idea; I undesrtand its usefull so as to draw the face, but maybe there is another way to show the "got lost driving".

Nice idea, not good visual

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by springer&jacoby in germany...
and much better for the G-class in 2005

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