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April 2008

Print advertisment created by BBDO, France for Mercedes, within the category: Automotive.

Never get lost again.
New Mercedes A Class with GPS.

Advertising Agency: CLM/BBDO Paris, France
Creative Directors: Jean François Sacco, Gilles Fichteberg
Art Director: Sophian Bouadjera
Copywriter: Laurent Laporte

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alaska502's picture
Activity Score 58

see 1000 before.
hilton hotels.

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10679

That's only two right there, dude. You said 1000. Give us at least 100 examples. Or were you just farting out of your mouth?...

sumsum's picture
Activity Score 615

in this case it's not the point wether seen before or not. it's not good. that's the point.

Dick Huges's picture
Dick Huges
Activity Score 937

Just done once before is enough. It's been done before a lot. That is a typical french award winning ad: get something and redo it pretty damn good and everyone will think is new.

alaska502's picture
Activity Score 58

i see your one of the badcreatives of the campaign !!!
try with an alkaseltzer !!!!
regards myfriend.

DarkSide's picture
Activity Score 1066

i would not say 1000 times but for sure it is a visual that have been used before more than once

Alistair C.'s picture
Alistair C.
Activity Score 692

ugly. is there a cultural reference? if not, ugly again.

benjaminbrown's picture
Activity Score 439

What is it? What do mouths have to do with getting lost? Is that even a mouth?

I do feel lost looking at the advert. if that's the idea then it's clever.

Under-bastard's picture
Activity Score 2

Already done in 2004
we are actually in 2008
we could expect something new
fed up of all this recycle

check this link

JD's picture
Activity Score 40

Oh, that's someone crying... That's a nice illustration, not for Mercedes I wouldn't think, but still nice. Reminds of judge dredd comics

FlyingTorpedo's picture
Activity Score 54

I need a GPS to find the Concept

maddesigner's picture
Activity Score 40

This one a bit illegible and hard to look for no designers. The other ones mmm ok.