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Darrin Stephens
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I like these but this is the weakest of the three. She looks like she really needs that scarf and there's nothing funny about that?

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I agree.

(Bianconiglio is looking for some freelance work)

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luv it

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Morons! What ever happened to advertising with a conscience? This is the worst campaign I've ever seen from Mercedes Benz! This campaign unashamedly sticks it to all the people out there struggling to survive below the poverty line. The haves and the have nots! Where's Adbusters when you need them?

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I agree !! Why use the poors ?? There would have been so many of other good ideas…

(PS : advertising must be art, the proof !!)

Art Director FP7 Morocco

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Totally agree - I wonder why those subjects were chosen - would have also worked with a white normal income class average human - so why the poverty theme ? why the poor location/setting ? Does the driver want to escape ? what does a mercedes benz do in such an environement ? poverty sightseeing ? don´t get it !! To me a a european this looks strange. never would have worked here - just polarized. sorry, good photography - bad advertising !!!

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