Mercedes: After Sales Services, Personal Car

Brake is little but shall not be belittled.
Original spare parts help you maintain your vehicle's integrity. 
Use original spare parts in your Mercedes-Benz cars, don’t risk your security.

Advertising Agency: Vagabond, İstanbul, Turkey
Administrative Coordinator: Onur Tugman
Creative Director: Serhan Acar
Art Directors: Bilun Benli, Erdem Mermer
Copywriters: Kemal Akbay, Ahmet Guney
Graphic Designers: Yeliz Kar, Bekir Karaca
Account Manager: Selim Ceylan, Onur Turktan

January, 2012


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2617 pencils


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mitali prasad
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didn';t get the ad,,,what are tthey trying to say?

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guys, pls put English copy on the layout and then send it away for the world to see. Translation next to the layout takes too much guessing.

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mitali prasad
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yeah...u right...!

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