Mercedes: Accountant

Advertising Agency: NET#WORK BBDO Johannesburg, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Rob Mclennan
Creative Director: Mariana O'kelly
Copywriter: Gary Du Toit
Advertiser's Supervisor: Maretha Gerber
Account Supervisor: Lynda Fiebiger
Art Buyer: Kirsty Zietsman
Art Directors: Brent Singer
Illustrator: Brent Singer

July 2009


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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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y didnt they mention that the car is ridiculously expensive?!!! and the stupid options people pay 4 r just crappy as this ad?

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tanvir hassan raju
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again....great!!!....n stitchy....this ad is for those stupid people..ha ha ha


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i personally drive a Mercedes, and the extras are not crappy

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i like

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A stranger abroad
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I think it is an interesting strategy. I assume it is a response to the recession, and the fact that even folks who have/had money are/were not spending it. Btw, the tense options are because I am not sure if the recession is over, or whether people's spending habits are returning to 'normal'.

They are not saying the car is good. The market knows that. They are saying 'it's okay to spend your money.' And giving a reason, namely; 'if you don't, someone else will spend it for you'. Nice argument and an interesting mix of rational and emotional reasoning.

I am not sure about the creative, but it certainly conveys the message that it is okay to spend your cash on yourself. And does so in a reasonably fun way. So, cautiously, I think it is well done.

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