Mercado Magazine: China-India Flag

The top weapon importer is now another country.
The world is a hard place to understand.

Mercado Magazine is a magazine that analyses political and economic information and helps people understand the reasons and consequences of the events that take place on our planet, and how these affect the business world. Under the concept of: “The world is a hard place to understand”, the campaign emerges from a universal truth and as from its executions, bases itself on current market issues.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Chief Creative Officers: Gonzalo Vecino, Pablo Alvarez Travieso
Executive Creative Directors: Gonzalo Vecino, Pablo Alvarez Travieso
Creative Director: Ariel Abadi
Art Director: Fernando Zagales
Copywriter: Juan Mesz
Account Supervisor: Carlos Nesci
Account Manager: Eliana Garcia
Producer: Fabián Catanese
Ilustrator: Estilo 3D
Published: May 2012


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Nice one!

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very very nice

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nice execution.

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Great on execution, not so hot on the copy.

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Beautiful art-direction.
I think the copy is hurting because of translation.

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Fernando Fernandes
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Um trabalho de um artista! que belo! Parabens a toda a equipe criativa!

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Javier Davis
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great art direction, but the idea........

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slow clap. brilliant execution.

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Thomas Ferdinand
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Great art direction.

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what the fuck is this? does it mean that China will eventually goble up India?

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