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nice idea. prefer the shortcut one

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Outstanding work. And with three executions.
Have a lot of potential to win some medals.

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this one makes most sense with the line, for me.

Ideas take a lot of work, print them well... and let them lead the way :)

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Lovely~ I love the idea alot. Good job!

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Whoa,awesome stuff

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Awesome stuff...will definitely get industry people excited. Everyone else may find it boring. But its definitely a good way to "educate" clients on the trouble we go through when they want to "just change a little bit". Overall good work.

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me thinks
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WoW.It can't get better than this.

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[wiping tear from my eye] "and it was in front you the entire time for your taking!"

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Great Idea!!! Love it!

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Seen something like this before.

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Every post on this site have this sentence.

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I'm really tired of smart asses saying: already been done, seen it, etc. At least tell us when , where, a link maybe. If you dont have anything to comment, well... dont comment at all.

My name is not Dick Hughes but I still approve this campaign

Great work. Keep it up.

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Shut Theory
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putting words in one paper and somehow make sense of it all, yes the concept is consumed, BUT, if you choose your words and the purpose well, it ALWAYS works, i have seen an Ad once celebrating 2000 or something, the pages were filled with textual numbers counting down from 2000 to one, it was awsome, and this one is great too, it alwasy works

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hasn't this sort of thing been done in a car ad? recall seeing something like this in the one show - start engine, clutch, change gear, clutch, change gear, accelerate, yada yada yada. something about describing the process of driving...

just goes to show that originality is sooooo difficult these days.

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special k
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there is a mis-spell!

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Refreshing! Amaizing job!

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Great idea!

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nice campaign. The one with the icons is the best in my opinion.

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Like it a lot. cool.

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Corona Raymaker
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Very good.

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