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amit sonar
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ohhhhhh, coooooooooooooooool Ad

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Something new, a good piece of work

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Cool, but way too Guiness for me, anyone remember that work? Almost the same art direction...

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i use tongs most often for things that are NOT ice.

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I believe the point being made is that Mentos are just like ice.

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Yep. Nice one. But as brandon said... it's way too Guinness.

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Boony wants a beer
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I agree. Way, way, way too Guinness.

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I like this campaign.

Don't listen to all the haters who complain that it's been done. Everything's been done in some capacity.
At the end of the day consumers don't give a flying f**k if something similar was in the One Show 2 years ago for Guiness.


Award show judges will.

So whether or not it's a good ad really all depends on who you're making the ad for.

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Consumers don't give a damn but we're not your average consumer, right?

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Isn't AotW some kind of a pre-awardshow? Almost all the work here is made for award shows.
And I don't want to see ads which have been done before several times. It would be so very easy to be good in advertising and create brilliant campaigns, if you just steal excellent work from others.

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I agree with BKnowloden. This is just a remake of Guiness.
Plus this particular visual is hard to understand.

And hey, since when did we start making ads for the consumers ?
It is for the awards jury ;)

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