Mentos: Speech Bubble, Fish

I'm coming.
Don't let bad breath do the talking. Mentos pure fresh chewing gum.

The mentos pure fresh "speech bubble" is a tactical after meal campaign that aims to remind people to purify their mouths after eating. The campaign ran in strategic locations such as restaurant tray liners, table standies, elevator and posters near restaurants.

Advertising Agency: BBH, Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: Ma Yinbo, Carol Ong
Art Directors: Lv Haoxi, Shi Zizi
Copywriter: Michelle Wu
Illustrator: Lv Haoxi
Photographer: Jeremy Wong
Producers: Lin Yilin, Ken Wang
Account Managemers: Joanne Liu, Cecaa Tian
Deputy Head Of Planning: Mylene One
Retoucher: Di Solution

April 2013


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million times done...

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