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"Ads of the World is a commercial advertising archive and community showcasing the best and most interesting creative work worldwide."


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It doesn't fit?

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I love copy ads. So I would say this is nice. I don't quite like the art direction

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john doe
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A long-copy in a script-font is bothersome. If it would've been handwritten, it would be more readable and more exiting.

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I totally agree with the first comment! There doesn't seem to be much editing in terms of quality on this site. 90% of the student work on this site has been pretty poor. I sent in a microsite I worked on for British Airways 3 months ago and it still hasn't been mentioned on adsoftheworld. Hey why not check it out at http://www.upgradetobritishairways.ba.com/

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Ivan: the mandate line has two criteria -- the artwork shown is (1) the best and (2) the most interesting creative worldwide. While there's a lot of very good student work elsewhere in this gallery, this particular series, sadly, doesnt cut it in either category. The layouts are pedestrian at best, with no real sensitivity to the core concept being suggested here. The illustrations are... well, frankly, awful, even if one likes the primitive school of illustration. As noted, large blocks of handwritten type is cumbersome to read, and these really push the ability to be awkward, not to mention that the copy itself appears to have been written by someone for whom English isnt a first language... which just adds to the difficulty.

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Ugh. Really? Ouch.

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copy is bad. sounds rushed.

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Actually I don't mind seeing less good adv here as well. Often it inspires you to do it much better, with other and better insights, better excecution, other situations, other wordings...

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