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jajaja! i love this! :)

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I don't like that illustration. Way too emo and dark. teenage stuff.

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oooohhhh so boooorinnnnggggg.. (nice illustration)

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Fun! lol.

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I think the illustration is actually kind of nice, since they might be trying to access a slightly younger audience (Mentos kind of screams "25+" to me, though I've always liked them).

I think the ad is kind of cool, though oddly spaced. I love me some white, negative space, but they haven't really activated all of it. That right corner is just a giant wad of dead space. Surely they could have extended the illustrations ever so slightly to make it have more impact. A clock maybe. Or maybe just the corner of his desk, with the stapler on it. That'd be kind of funny.

That being said, the concept is cute, but it feels like they're just trying to creepy away from what would have otherwise been the obvious, and done-before (by them!) punchline: that the guy getting fired doesn't care, because he has Mentos to chew! Still, since it's a variation of the traditional product, it's kind of cool.

I think if they just fine tune the copy and treatment a little to make it a meatier concept, it could be a great campaign.


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If i had that stapler, i would staple your fingers together! Man, how much will you write!
If only the perfect was beautiful no one would have loved he pisa. Its oddity, is its charm.

Good Work Guys!

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Simón, qué emo jaja

Stay low, move fast. Kill first, die last. 1 shot 1 kill, not luck, just skill.

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Very nice illustration, and kind of funny!

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Nice delivery on the selfless without guilt.

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The typical case "This illustration was already done and I put my pack".

I saw those illustrations eras a go.

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hahaha love this serie!!

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