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Ron Burgundy
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how do we know we're supposed to flip it?

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Look in the middle.

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Ron Burgundy
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I thought this was a magazine back bad...kinda kills the smart subtly for me..but still cool

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Maybe because the logo is upside down?....

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Blue Apple
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2nd image looks like woman with big breast

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Blue Apple
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Shirt's buttons are always on right side. not left side.
(in 1st image)

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Abhishek Parikh
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Clinical observation.

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That's correct for mens shirts - womens have buttons on the left.

At dinners your dinner partner is the person sitting on the same side as your buttons :)

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this technique has been used soooo much, but well, this is just nice.
really nice!

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Roger Keynes
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Old school upside down idea.
Good old school ;)

Will Think for Salary

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on target.

"If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?"
— Rumi

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not bad

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Love this!!!


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simple, clever.

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