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mmm, you're so right, Absolutly NO ART.


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Don Draper
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This was a HUGE opportunity missed. Based on the "no art" portion of the line I do see what you were going for. But the ads come no where near saying what you wanted or providing the emotional punch in the face they should have delivered. What a shame.

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Amazing work.

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it´s ok Don if you don´t understand the campaign. it´s no big deal. we all think you continue being an ad genius.

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i understand the campaign and agree with draper.
the "museum with no art" concept is not bad, although it's not wow.
there are museums of science, history, technology.... that is, "no art".
so what's the big idea here?... maybe to win an award? come on.

"photos of the holocaust, signed by hitler and etc, put in a wall but hey, that is no art at all, it's a horror". COME ON.

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Charlie Pratt
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Hard to tell what they're trying to convey here.

I think we all know the Holocaust isn't "art." But there's nothing wrong with saying that historical photos have an artistic quality to them that can't be duplicated any other way.


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Go on and tell that to an holocaust survivor.

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I hate that the logo is the star. homosexuals, artist, writers, journalists, blacks, arabs, gypsies and those who treated everyone equally were taken to camps, deaths or jail.

Using the Holocaust as a religious flag is disgusting.

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I think you are a bounch of anti-semite

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The two run 8th floor.

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I like it, it's quiet, the way it should be.

Fail Harder.

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