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very nice visual! but the idea is less...
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albinic areola

looking at this kinda makes me feel like my grey matter is filled with lead dont get it at all,

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The idea is simple, they are playing with word raroz/blade. The girl has so many handsome guys falling for her.
she cut them short.

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Reminds me of the stuff Hypgnosis were doing for 10cc album covers in the 70's. No photoshop in those days either, no sirree.

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Yeah... Im a fan of Storm Thorgerson too, since the work for Pink Floyd, I think they went to college together.

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yeah just cool!

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Interesting visual. But is it going to alienate men as potential purchasers?

Oh, and does she have a beard? 'Cos she looks like she's 'shaving' her chin.

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