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i disagree. there is no talent involved here.

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so its luck not talent, as the line said: In France, stepping in dog shit with the left foot will bring you luck.

I guess they should but the shit on the right foot. cause then it will mean no luck needed

krautland's picture
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I didn't know of that meaning and assumed this to mean "we're idiots, too ... we just figured out how to do this one thing really well" and thought it was quite okay based on that. your explanation however does make it seem rather pedestrian.

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Audrius Kubrik
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they're just being sarcastic at themselves. that's the trick - they look dead serious and call themselves very talented, whilst the image shows another reason for this. and it's up for you to decide - talented or dogshite.

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c'est con, c'est tout

campass's picture
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no tanks.

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Guest commenter


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Guest commenter

can i hump u

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Je lé aime beaucou....funny ...bravo

fursac's picture
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Good job.

sloppy4's picture
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it's certainly is merde.

joaobre's picture
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Self mockery is something to be appreciated in a world where people are far too serious about themselves and what they are doing....
Maybe there is too many people out there thinking they are seriously talented while they're just, you know......lucky :)

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'we can laugh at ourselves'

mai non.

joaobre's picture
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Why not?

sparky's picture
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PS. how about i hang a horse shoe off my nuts and take a picture of that.

.julz.'s picture
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u have to be french to understand this,
it's sarcastic, i like it

Frits Harkema's picture
Frits Harkema
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In the Netherlands, it means it stinks.

cpsix's picture
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The real question is has there any dog poo under the shoe of the third man!

Gross but brilliant!

It's from far the best promotionnal add in a while...

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This one made me think..."Hey, we just don't walk the dogs... we stop on the shit as well... We really SUCK!"

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They look quite lazy for me.

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joy jordish

the 3 stupid in the meeting room waiting to be fired

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