Meio & Mensagem: Copier

You won’t get anywhere by copying someone else’s opinion.
Without powerful arguments you won’t last in the market.

Advertising Agency: Fischer&Friends, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Mario D'Andrea, Rafael Merel, Marcelo Fedrizzi
Art Directors: Thiago Lacorte, Mauricio Perussi
Copywriters: Jaime Agostini, Melissa Pottker
Illustrator: Marco Brito
Photographer: Mario Daloia
Published: August 2011


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2219 pencils

i feel this ones the best in all 3..


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that´s right. This one is the best

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Really love the art direction in this campaign. I had to look up what the company was (which may be no one's fault, since it could be a regional company everyone else recognizes by name).

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Paolo Buatti
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Well done!

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I don't get it at all? What's all the fuzz about?

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