Mebucaïne: Pizza

When swallowing hurts.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Jan Teulingkx
Copywriters: Caroline D’Hont, Bouke Zoete
Art Directors: Patrick Vermeylen, Stijn Klaver
Photographer: Tom Joye

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mishkaa's picture
296 pencils

hmmmm gud ....

adbug's picture
20 pencils

quite nice.. i like..

alvinpck's picture
1467 pencils
Davosk's picture
4833 pencils

Nasty but nice. the pineapple is the only one not working because you don't eat the outside of it.

judgeAd's picture
30 pencils

it's very interesting. good campaign!

JAGGY's picture
1382 pencils

no need for line

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

1838 pencils

Very very dull.

You shmucks are easily amused.

We're going to need more lube.

XL's picture
214 pencils

How many times???

This is a first-thought execution for a sore throat remedy. Sadly, it seems to be a lot of people's first thought for a product like this. And the retouching is purely awful. I've seen better work from first year students. Those "olives" look like they're floating.

Not good at all.

1838 pencils

Why are you and so many other people so anal about retouching?

It doesn't matter, it looks fine.

No-one is going to spend more than 20 secs looking it anyway, apart form Mac monkeys.

We're going to need more lube.

nemesis's picture
761 pencils

why are so many people anal about retouching? because a good idea can be killed with a bad execution! because you cannot rely solely on the idea and get lazy when it comes to doing the artwork. and because it just has to look good man.
and the people who notice this are not exactly "mac monkeys" or "pixel pushers" as you and others call it... you just need eyes.

and by the way, i don't see anything wrong with the retouching on this one.

krautland's picture
3225 pencils

someones thong is sitting too tight.

the idea is basic but fine and so is the retouching.

retouching... as if that mattered.

getconnected2001's picture
989 pencils

Nicely designed Pizza!

Amit Singh

yun siang orangutan's picture
yun siang orangutan
298 pencils

Looks Number 1 to me.

Brainsugar's picture
1586 pencils

Japanese have done this so many times in the ninetees... Have a Glance on your Luerzers Archives...
I gave 1, because we can't give Zero.

nemesis's picture
761 pencils

cool... although the copy is bland and maybe unnecesary.

bknowlden's picture
3647 pencils

Great campaign, too bad this has been done several times before.

Copy_Can's picture

I get it!
Swallowing hurts, and we show this through broken glass as food!
Because you can't swallow glass, right?


finbar01's picture
14 pencils

Right you get it. Got it. What do you want, a badge?
I think it's a really effective piece of communication. I think saying things like it's been done before in the 80's or whenever is a stupid thing to say. I think you're forgetting one crucial thing. We do this to sell. Selling to normal people. Normal people who don't know that this was done before
That's just my opinion anyways people.

Copy_Can's picture


nemesis's picture
761 pencils

the fact that the people don't know it has been done before doesn't mean you're gonna do something that's not original... if the "ordinary people" seeing it haven't seen it before, is irrelevant.

Copy_Can's picture

Using your logic, you'd take an ad from the 60's, spin it around and sell it to a new group of people years down the line?

"Sure Lemon is a popular ad, but the youth we're targeting haven't seen the ad - ever. Run it, then, let's go grab a coffee."

Glad I don't work with you, nemesis.

speed's picture
83 pencils

This just sucks. And I don't care to elaborate why.

And anyone who doesn't see a need for good retouching can continue enjoying life in 20 second intervals.

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
10683 pencils

This ad reminds me of the time when my work got shot down by a Jr. Account Exec. fresh out of college. I had to swallow it and go back to the drawing table and it hurt like a motherfucker. But you know what, she was absolutely RIGHT! (Of course I didn't tell her that.) I'm still living it down to this day.

Incidentally, it had the smooth texture and razor-sharp edges of glass, swallowing your pride...

speed's picture
83 pencils

Jet, are you my long lost writer partner?

funky_frogii's picture
2538 pencils

love this.......good........line is nice

love anything creative.

Infected by a virus called CREATIVE | "And ya I Love Everything" |

daprankster's picture
422 pencils

good idea and very nice execution! excellent job! some people needs mebucaïne to swallow and certainly a powerfull laxatif too!

iamcreative's picture
262 pencils

nice art & copy

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