Unbranded, Big Mac

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July 2013

Epic close-up images of McDonald's iconic foods with little or no branding.

Print advertisment created by TBWA, France for McDonald's, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Paris, France
Creative Director: Jean-François Goize
Art Buyer: Julie Champin
Food Creative Director: Maud Poilpré
Food Stylist: Anne-Claire Delphin
Photographer: Sue Atkinson
Production / Agent: Trayler & Trayler

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Redpr's picture
Activity Score 223

very useless

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Activity Score 1418

so wat do i do wth it?

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Activity Score 658

The box of fries by McDonald's is unique so it is recognizable. One burger has a McDonald's logo on the wrapper. Once you have two ads like that, running two more without branding is no issue, people will recognize and associate those too as well. Gestalt.
They seem to have managed to create a buzz.

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Rhymie Z
Activity Score 92

Works for me

Rhymie Z

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Gernot Hörwertner
Activity Score 126

only few brands can do that. mcdonald's can.

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Activity Score 113

senior interactive copy @ K2

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Activity Score 858

Interesting, but a little bit of context would be nice... What kind of magazines did these appear in? What was the real exposure?

apuorva's picture
Activity Score 100

not sure if this pic..but the other two work

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Activity Score 43

it works very well in the street. you see the billboard and you immediately want a McDonald.
Cool and effective. Well done, but you should add the Nugget one, it work very much as well.

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Activity Score 313

Been done in Israel for Aroma coffee 2 years ago.
can't find the full campaign online.


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Activity Score 43

the idea is : don't need the logo to recognize the product.
your Aroma coffee campaign is focused on the logo, so it's different idea.

Chikoshay's picture
Activity Score 313

it wasn't the only ad...
can't find any of the others

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Activity Score 772

who cares, they're fucking Jews

Jules Gaubert-Turpin's picture
Jules Gaubert-Turpin
Activity Score 16

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Activity Score 27

here's a little bit of context with the 3 tv ads that support the campaign. Very effective campaign.

Junior copywriter

fauxjebus's picture
Activity Score 498

I like the print and outdoor but the TV executions are lame. They should have had a closeup of a big mac slowly turning for 30 seconds and no logo.

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Activity Score 858

Thanks for the context. The print ads are way better than the TV spots, but it's definitely an interesting campaign. Can't help but wonder if they were influenced by this years Grand Prix...

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Activity Score 50

Mad cow disease.