McDonald's: That's what makes McDonald's, Badge

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett , London, UK
Art Director: Rick Brim
Copywriter: Daniel Fisher
Photographer: Penny Cottee
Photographer's agent: Vue
Model making: AKL
Styling: Vicky Connor @ Shoot People
Published: April 2010


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Shady Ali
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I think it's better to say something about the food... this ad wont make me run hungry to the nearest McDonald's..
It's a good ad if McDonald's is recruiting ppl.

Shady Ali

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I think what they are trying to do here is to create a positive brand image for McDonald's... with all the negative press about reading us junk (which is still very true). This series of ads appeal to the "thinkers", the ones who would boycott McDonald's at the slightest hint of inhumane or unethical activities.

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true dat.
this is almost giving me a change of heart - although i don't boycott at the first sign of inhumane treatment (i still eat kfc :/ blame it on the long working hours, what else is there?)
almost, because big mac still tastes like cardboard

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