McDonald's: Midsummer

The day after since 1973.

This ad ran recently the day after midsummer. In Sweden you eat herring and drink lots of schnaps on midsummer.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Stockholm, Sweden
Copywriter: Magnus Jakobsson
Art Director: Fredrik Simonsson
Photographer: Stefan Segolson
Production manager: Joachim Levin


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hmm.. good idea...
hey, lets make an ad after a day when everyone is so drunk, that they can't taste our horrible burgers. great...

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well, it's the first mcdonalds ad i've seen which doesnt do that 'hey-look-what-we've-done-with-the-arches' trick.

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Ad Junkie At Large
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hahahahahahahahah ya well we can give it that

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Thank Gord it was explained what the fish were about!

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complejo para el espectador

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c'mon...42 below did this already and you know it. it won an assful of awards.

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so fresh.. McD used to have crazy food shots!

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