McDonald's: Matthew

Have your kid's birthday party at McDonald's.

Advertising Agency: DDB, South Africa
Creative Directors: Liam Wielopolski, Grant Jacobsen
Copywriter: Matthew Berge
Art Director: Hital Pandya
Photographer / Illustrator: Carioca

November 2013


faissalo's picture
728 pencils

The kids face is too weird

Nice init

chidi's picture
176 pencils

Isn't that the idea? ; hence, let MacDonald handle it

lexain's picture
58 pencils

@faissalo it's meant to be a match stick in human form

faissalo's picture
728 pencils

I know what it's meant to be. I completely get it. But I said 'THE KIDS FACE IS TOOO WEIRD'. All we need to know is that the kid is like fire to wood. But the face is too dark and mysterious which makes it less amusing and looks like it's trying to add something. But it doesn't because all we need is a simple raw ignorant dumb kid face made of fire. That's why the rock kid works better. Because he clearly looks like simple ignorant dumb little monster kid. Not a deep mysterious villain. Get it now? @lexain

Nice init

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