McDonald's: Living Room

Advertising Agency: TBWA/Frederick, Chile
Creative Director: Miguel Angel Barahona
Art director: Gabriel Gómez
Copywriter: Miguel Angel Barahona

November, 2006


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Brilliant! Not only is it lateral and simple, it does something which so many 'creative' ads nowadays fail to do - it incorporates a convincing argument why you should actually buy/use the product.

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YES.. I agree with you.. The worst thing in party's is the chaos after it and the some damages for you furniture... Thats why I heat to have it in my house.. I love the camp. It make sense.

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i love it.

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I thought it was misleading. By reading "Happy Birthday McDonalds" my first thought was that McDonalds itself is celebrating theirs.
That's why I was puzzeled at first sight.

Can't say "I'm lovin' it" but I agree that the message (after realizing my mistake) is convincing.

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You got a very valid point.

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Brillant. I it will make you stop hosting birthdays at home.


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cool ad.

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Mtl Dave
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So good. Relevant and nice.

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I think this one's the best of the three, with all the glass and stuff. I love it! (no pun intended)

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couldve been better.

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how do i know if its before or after the party?

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You don't know ads, that's why.

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Good one. It doesnt matter if it´s after, before or even during the party it´s irrelevant

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Took a bit longer than usual but it's a great little insight.

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Boony wants a beer
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Very very cool.

I love the contrast between the cleanliness and order of the scenes against the party feel that the line and logo etc manage to create. That little corner somehow manages to conjure images of little 5 year old bastards tearing things to pieces. And I'm not sure if it's the words, the art direction, the fact that I (and everyone else) know what kids are like at parties, or a combo of all three that conveys that, but it works a treat.

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I'm with you back2b - I think the line is misleading. Most consumers will only read Happy Birthday McDonalds as they flick past. And who gives a toss about that?

But it is a nice insight and a reward for those that pay attention. It resonates with me cause I spilled chocolate thickshake everywhere when I had my 24th bday party at Maccas. But I didn't throw those gherkins, truly.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I totally agree with you and back2b.
Have to admit I had to spend some time on this one, solely because the line threw me off completely. That frustrated me a little. I don't know if they tested this ad first, but it obviously did not confuse anybody at the agency.
This campaign is one word shy of near-perfection.
And the word is "at".

Very nice work nonetheless.

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Fantastic. Sure, you have to think for a second, but the payoff is well worth it. This is what advertising is about: finding a unique way to connect with your target. Definitely award-show worthy.

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IDEA is gr8 but application is complicated it could have been more easily understood if sum caption like "Party grace is here.....Party at Mc.donalds" or sumthing like "Only party.... no party left overs" were thr well
at 1st I thought it is celebrating its own b'day

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yeah...they should have had a better line.

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love it
sharp thinking

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wat makes this ad so special?

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A stranger abroad
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:-) Good stuff.

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