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The only good thing about McDonald's marketing is their budget. Which in consideration of the horrible ads they put out is probably a terrible thing.


jimchristianx's picture
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Why in God's name would money go to a hockey team? Are they struggling to survive like the other 4 billion people on this planet. Thanks McD's!

p.syche's picture
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good one!

that's EXACTLY what i thought when i saw the ad :)

andrej dwin's picture
andrej dwin
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could be because it's the number one sport in sweden and thus a great idea.
you know, there's a lot of other social causes worth corporations' interest and support besides those two huge issues. and it's from a marketing standpoint a way better allocation of your money, too.

*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

AdArena: Sex Sells

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And because it is against company policy for them to donate food to hungry people...


hang-the-dj's picture
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Stupid isn't it?

I sometimes get asked at the train station to donate money for 'junior football'. I ask them if the kids who play football need food and shelter, when the answer is no I reply 'Then why would I give them any f*cking money?'

This is another venture in the same vein of McHappy House, just an attempt to get people to see McDonald's as a considerate, responsible and helpful part of the community. There is a very good reason why they need to project this type of image of course, because the truth is in fact the exact opposite.

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i am sure a couple of hockey gloves or ...or ....costs more than 50cents

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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great ads! I love how it´s not the usual happy clown or play with the M-logo.

Guest No 1.346.971.005.321.375's picture
Guest No 1.346....

"the usual happy clown or play with the M-logo" ???
which century are you livin in?

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Surly creative ...
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88 Billion served.
Several hundred AOTW frequenters served another [edited by admin for foul language] ad.

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    Fifty cents from your favourite meal goes to your favourite billionaire.
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Dalbir Singh
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Look at it this way, would you rather have that 50 cent go to McD's pockets? Creatively I didn't get the ad...


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Show me a donalds-ad (print) that doesn´t do the old M-logo-play, please.
and no japanese obscure shit. For christ sake show it to me and I´ll shut up.

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GuestMan's picture

Yeah...that´s ...ehhh...one...and these are three others. thank you. WOW!

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I wonder if they will explain that the menu has been shifted so that that 50 cents will be paid by the consumer in another way. Now I know why the dollar menu in Chicago has gone from getting a medium fry for a dollar to getting a child size. I guess because they are giving 50 cents a meal to hockey teams. You can bet your bottom dollar that Mc D's is not absorbing this donation; they are charging us for it (or you since I don't eat there) in other products.

The next time you notice that the price of your favorite value meal has been raised by 20 - 50 cents just yell through the drive-thru menu GO HOCKEY!!! Cause that's what you're paying for, Mc D's donation that will be used as a tax write-off anyway!


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It's a brief, ffs
The moral high ground is making some little noses bleed today.
The ad... is a piss poor, client thought, literally answered and blandly executed.

Please dispose of throughtfully.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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kusumsiri of colombo

nice thought

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