McDonald's: French fries mysteries

Advertising Agency: DDB, Budapest, Hungary
Creative Director: Milos Ilic
Art director: Rodrigo Fernandes
Copywriter: Laszlo Hevesi
Illustrator: 6B Estudio, Sao Paulo

January 2007


jennywhx's picture
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The art direction of 1st and 2nd page (what does is call, question and answer?)doesn't link. If i am just flip thru the magazine i will not notice the connection.But the joke is funny, it is a famous rumor all around the world.

addyhoch10's picture
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i agree with you jenny, noone would notice the link in a magazine

nitigya79's picture
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nice idea with glaring mistakes. "What Is It Made Of?". i fell it's too much in the right hand corner. and mr. copywriter: shouldn't of have an extra f(as in what is it made off)

mai_tai_girl's picture
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No, they used the word 'of' right. 'Off' is a preposition to describe a movement, like 'I switched off the computer' or 'I took the pen off the table'. Those sentences wouldn't make sense with the word 'of' in it.

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