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Feels off brand. Seems a bit cynical to be a McDonald's ad.

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And I want to agree with you on this...

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Am a fan and as a kid, was quite a truth.

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Nice campaign

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The McDonald's mothership will be by shortly to yank this off-strategy ad

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i dont get this campaign :\

| Everartz |

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Apparently, it's "Use McDonalds to say I'm sorry..." It's different, but I'm agree with the above comments, it's cynical...

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It seems they went to MacD in a hurry leaving him alone.
Why he should forgive.

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I love the insight, and where they went with the strategy. McDonald's is comfort food. And McDonald's is a quick fix to make your kid feel better when you make a mistake as a parent. Every parent has been there. But i have to agree with everyone, it does come off as cynical. And not sure if it's right for McDonald's, you know, with the whole obesity problem we have. It's very "American," and a small part of it even gives me a bit of dumb pride.

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