McDonald's: Fish bowl


Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Creative Directors: Flavio Zanni, Mohammed Bahmishan
Senior Art Director: Thierry Chehab
Photographer / Retoucher: Leap Studios
Account Director: Thamer Farsi

November 2011


TommyFChan's picture
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The visual is interesting, but I challenge the message. It says to me that McDonald's serves
Gold Fish sandwiches. That is not appetizing at all. Nice try... I applaud for the visual design.

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I fully agree with you.

I do not see how this is supposed to sell the sandwich...

vidya.shankaran's picture
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Agree with you tommy, the concept of fresh comes through fine but the selling point of burger (just bland as water??) is left far behind along with the dubious message of selling gold fish sandwiches,,,

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It made me snigger. Quite funny.

restless44's picture
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2 creative directors and they came up with this :)!! OH GOD
this is much too literal!! and not appetizing at all!! i wonder how the client approved this!

CuriousPencil's picture
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Misleading, at best,

astor75's picture
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Simple and nice

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anson wong
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kids would not wanna go for another fillet o fish after this ad


god is good but will he listen

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Lara Mulady
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As weird as this is, I like it a lot. Damien Hirst/Marco Evaristti-esque, and attention getting.

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Are they selling goldfish burgers ?

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Reminds me of this illustration:

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Poor goldfish. The bowl is waaay too small for the fish's size.

Greenpeace is calling.

who cares? ima play some tunes instead

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interesting, could have been more worked, the weird thing to me visually is the cheese, without it, it could have been nicer to sight

kurtomaniac's picture
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appreciate the art :)

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nice visuals and not happy with the typo..

"Art is my life's satisfaction"

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i love the art direction but agreed that the goldfish and there is NO appetizing and dont think that client approved it. Because since i know McDonalds they would never ever let go out something like this mainly because they always trust and believe in the appetizing strategy which works 100% fine. And I personally feel that there is no need to show fish because HL says and I know you must know that in adv.. there is saying"don't show what you say and vice versa" but sometimes its fine to do it:-)

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