McDonald's: Extra large coffee

Advertising Agency: DDB, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Andreas Dahlqvist
Art Directors: Simon Higby, Ted Mellström, Viktor Arve
Copywriter: Martin Lundgren
Photographer: Alexander Pihl

January, 2008


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pretty good
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Now, that's lovely.

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Clean ad. But isn't it weird that the coffee stains don't extend beyond the pages of the book on to the table? That brings me to question No. 2... Unless I haven't totally got the concept of the ad, why would anyone place a mug on a book?

Here's where I need someone's help with interpretation.


Most times, worst enemies used to be best friends...

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some advice: take it for what it is. a smart visual that gets the idea across. no need to disect it so much.

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some advice: take it for what it is. a smart visual that gets the idea across. no need to disect it so much.

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yes, please take kre8's advice. do you see it's a large stain, from a large coffee? yes? then you got it. move on.

otherwise, I have some additional questions you didn't ask that I will now ask for you...

1. who would drink such a large cup of coffee? not even andre the giant could hold a coffee that large. in fact, only a giant or a troll could possibly hold or drink a cup of coffee that large. but wait, giants and trolls aren't even real. they don't exist. wait, i don't get it. what a silly ad.


2. is this coffee made only for people with enormous hands who can hold a coffee of such size? what is McDonald's thinking making coffee for people with oversized hands? I don't know anyone with hands like that. that's just silly. there isn't anybody with hands that size. i don't get it. what a silly ad.


3. similar to the aforementioned question ... if i think it's weird that the coffee stain doesn't extend to the table, why don't i think it's weird that the cup of coffee would have to be the size of 13 gallon trash can?


4. why am i dissecting the shit out of an ad that takes 1 second to understand?

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Well, brandsurgeon, i guess it's a newpaper ad, and the magazine buyer wouldn't have the stain on his own table, now would he?

and to your 2nd question, i think that's not even the point. btw there are a lot of people who actually do that accidently.

that's at least how i interpret it.

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i think you've had one of these coffees berlini89, you've got the caffeine twitchy finger!

idea is great, its original.

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Needed to drive home your point, eh? 13 posts...Lol. Point taken. Don't blame me. I come from a different part of the world where coffee mugs are either placed on trays... or direct on the table.
(Sorry, but we're crude like that.)


Most times, worst enemies used to be best friends...

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oh my god, i am so sorrrrryy!!
i didn't mean to post my msg so many times, there was an error with my internet connection and i pressed the post comment button several times, not knowing that it would actually write my msg 13 times.

is there a way to delete them?

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Sorry, this is not your fault. We are experiencing unusually high traffic and the server is slow. We are upgrading shortly.

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A happy problem to have!

... its already been done...

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good, very nice idea,I liked it.But execuition is bad.

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Mandla N
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point taken Berlin89 blame it on the fingers

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There is a high possibilty we as designers are becoming victims of our own industry, by taking
things a little too literal, yet the basic defination of advertising exaplains that it is sending
a message to the market with a degree of exaggeration as to capture the attention of the aduience.
Nice ad.

Art is real freedom

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Wise, wise words.

One of the best ads I've seen here lately.

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very good. i like it. but maybe the cup stain could have been placed slightly off center, and not perfectly, dead center?

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Funny, but maybe too subtle.

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I like it

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Wow, now that's an over promise. You'll be surprised as to how many people would go into a McDonalds looking for that much coffee, and the franchises will be forced to give it to them. Without a legal line, this will be pulled.

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simple. plus it's a nice exaggeration.

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That´s so great. And makes me love advertising. Want coffee as well. Ü

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Nice piece of work.

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amit parekh
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idea is nice..but u used d book thats m not agree.. plz turn yur idea wih other visual..

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I think it's great! Plus to some ppl like our friend brandsurgeon, need to understand that in order to advertise and get a message across we have to use exaggeration to get the point. Yeah it may sound ridiculous the whole huge coffee mug on a book concept.. BUT it did get the message across.. I also believe that the graphic designer that worked on this ad didn't actually do a good job.. the coffee ring could have looked better if he didn't place it in the dead center.

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the idea is cool, simple. I think you are using magazine because of people will know actual for magazine, it's real big size.

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Agree - off-center better. Maybe tad smaller. But nice, very nice.

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i'm loving it!

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Leo Paul James
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Damn good an idea...but yeah...i wouldn't drink that much coffee anyway....what different is that coffee??

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