McDonald's: Burger mysteries

Advertising Agency: DDB, Budapest, Hungary
Creative Director: Milos Ilic
Art director: Rodrigo Fernandes
Copywriter: Laszlo Hevesi
Illustrator: 6B Estudio, Sao Paulo

January, 2007


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I like the art direction... but the concept is a bit risky for me. I mean there are too many rumours about what Mc'Do burgers can contain... I would'nt be suprised ifI would find the first part of the ad (and only this part) in funny sites soon.

Végre valami Magyarországról! :-) Finally something from Hungary!

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chimie, i agree with you. why touch this subject? everyone knows they use a product called "100% beef" which is just the brand name of the company. if they have changed this, i think there is a better solution to letting their customers know.

Yo Magyar! (wish i could speak and spell Hungarian better!)

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They didn´t put the logo there thinking on that.

But it can be used anyway, everyone will think on MCdonalds..

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blourenco - sorry i don't quite understand what you are trying to say. can you elaborate a bit? what logo didn't they put? and what do you mean by "But it can be used anyway, everyone will think on MCdonalds.."?

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