McDonald's: Broad menu, Guy

Enjoy our broadest menu ever.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Sweden
Creative Director: Andreas Dahlqvist
Senior Art Director: Patrick Emt
Senior Copywriter: Stefan Gustafsson

May 2007


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Bundy Agency
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maybe biggest or even our widest range.
i think everyone would still get it without having to stick a cool new buzz word for menus in there

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Disco Munky
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"Go Cross Eyed at the Arches of Sin"

"Our Fries will F U Up"

"I'm Lovin' Childhood obesity"

small print- Macdonalds corporation will not be held liable if, upon willfully eating their food, you suffer from nausea, fatigue, short sight, bind spots, botchulism, Anal cramps, Mud Butt, Fish Hoof or Hobo-lism.

Doin' it for the points

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It could be a menu with two things on it spread from one side of the restaurant to the other. It doesn't get across the idea that there are more foods on a McD menu now than ever before.

And I still wouldn't eat any of it. :-)

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Boony wants a beer
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Joelapompe why don't you try writing some ads yourself and posting them for everyone to rip into instead of 'exposing' so called rip-offs.

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should be a shot of someone's ever-widening butt.

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bright rhino
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Yeah, I've seen this execution many times. I remember the samsung ad. It was also done for Sony.

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Another example of the many side effects associated with eating too much McCrap!

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Dear Boony wants a beer, I write ads all day. Maybe they aren't always "over the top" but I try very hard to make things that haven't been done before. Because for me that's the point of our job.

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Hey, who you looking at?

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those are blind already...he dose't know he is existing in mcdo too

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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extrange word, extrange ad

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