McDonald's: Apartment, Volcano

Don't make big decisions on an empty stomach.
McDonald's. I'm lovin' it.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Andreas Dahlqvist
Copywriter: Martin Lundgren
Art Director: Lennart Claesson
Photographer: Adamsky
Other credits: Andreas Hallgren

January 2007


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i really like what these ads are trying to do.
but i think they are missing the mark a bit.
theyre basically saying when youre buying a house, buy mcdonalds.
which is fine, but the target market is a little tiny.
on the other hand though, congrats for doing something completely different for this iconic brand.

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for me it is, yeah completely different, for mcDonald, it often shown us with happy, energetic, joyful.
this ad didn't show me the image of mcD, btw, perhaps it is something new, but it don't works for me, perhaps i am not the target audience, but i rather to see something joyful rather than give me the feeling that "hey i am busy choosing house so no choice i can only eat fast food"

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i dont see how these are related. i think if i have the money to buy an apartment that nice i should afford something a little better than McD's.

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maybe in sweden, eating fastfood while searching for real estate in the classifieds is just as common as.... as... say eating popcorn when you go to the movies...

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Wow. This is the first McDonald's ad I've ever seen that doesn't incorporate any food items. But aside from that, I don't think it's a very compelling thought. I don't think it's a strong enough insight. Sorry guys.

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i think it would work great in a magazine that only has house/condo listings for sale. love that there isn't any faked up food in this ad... the burgers NEVER look as good as in the ads.

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Corona Raymaker
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I don't know how it is in Sweden, but in my region in Germany McDonalds is on a massive image-changing-trip.
They renovated the restaurants, so that they now look way more luxurios and upper-class-like. Also they now have a coffeeshop inside, where you can not only get great coffee in many different sorts and flavours, but also delicious cake and confectionary. It is almost Starbucks! ^^
If the situation is the same in Sweden, I can totally understand that ad. They are trying to extend the range of their target group.
If not: At least the placement is good ^^

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From one who co-created the ad. The listings part is only a way to present the ad in its actual scenery – in this case an apartment listings newspaper in Sweden. (Metro) Every week McDonald’s has one page in this newspaper to persuade people to come in for a burger between the apartment showings on Saturdays and Sundays.

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don't mean to sound negative....but i think everyone is missing the point here. A of people make decisions on empty stomachs which usually turns out to be a bad idea. For example when we go to the grocery store we tend to impulse buy rather than shop. The ad here has the volcano in the window which screams (at least to me) that you might regret a decision if you make it on an empty stomach, and hey since you are looking at many properties, why not make it McDonalds. I think it is simple and very effective for the target market.

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Hello creative folks,

McDonalds is not just about fast food.
Do some research and u find out that McDonalds invest in a lot of properties in undeveloped half way points between cities. These were later developed into real estates which McDonalds owns! So this ad is effectively and creatively killing two birds with one stone.

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