McDonald's: Angry wall, 4

Let's keep the city nice. Use the trash can.

Advertising Agency: DDB Denmark
Creative Director: Patrik Danielson
Art Director / Copywriters: Bue Peitersen, Mikkel Møller
Photographer: Christian Stæhr
Published: July 2008


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I really don't get the idea of putting two key holes next to each other on a wall... Or is that something very usual in Denmark? If so, what are they used for???

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Crisp One
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this is fuhking bad, dude.

besides who the fuhk puts keyholes by drains.(see other comps)

makes it not only look like People from denmark are slobs, but
there city engineering is done by a bunch of RETAAAARDS!

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i really respect mcdonalds for approving their products being shown as trash - the more i pity the agency for not using this oportunity. sad.

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I completely agree. What a wasted opportunity. :(

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Yeah i totally agree. They could have just shown an empty soda cup instead of including the spillage as well.

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па-ра-м-пам-па..я це люблю..

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Не понель вас! Вы песню паете нежели обсуждаете тему )))

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I get it. I think some other executions would be a good idea, rather than the same visual with a different piece of trash. Maybe whole buildings looking like they are frowning or other things from the city?

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the Pun-isher
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This is for "Le Douche"...quit cussing man.
I don't like this ad either, but say what you wanna say in a constructive manner. Too many times this kinda thing happens in brainstorms(idea killers), and then that person stops adding their ideas for fear of being critisized. Think about that man.

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I agree. If your going to step on someone's work let us see a link to a bloody amazing personal folio.

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Agree, but ppl are not all think like u. so can not control.nothing k do.

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Crisp One
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i posted a smart water campaign in the exhibition form from my book out of school, with instructions to "Tear it apart" so please do....listen I understand the if you have nothing to say, dont say it at all, but if I were the CD on this and the art director brought this into me. I would say " NOOOO....BAD!" and squirt him with a spray bottle.

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is it done by children????

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Denmark guys, this campaign is a DENT MARK on ur carrier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why'd they put a penis on the wall too? No wonder he's angry.

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its not communicative.....

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This ad is works !!
you all guys think how it works .... I will say. If anyone see this dirty, they feel themselves to ''Keep city clean with trash''

Please dont waste your time with wholes like stuffs.

Designing they did nice way, with color matching of walls. less colors, and real image.

I think the judges are fools who post comment.

Hey Patrik D. go on ! I like it. but please dont 'important' any useless things like as PIPES inside WHOLES'... why not you try to make a draw shape on wall with Mac's meal ?

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