October 2009
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After 800 years of British oppression, the Irish still find the strength to wake up each morning.
There are few things Irish people hate more than the English. Missing breakfast is one of them. That’s why, for over 200 years, McCann’s has been making oatmeal the only way they know how – the Irish way. See, McCann’s uses only the finest steel-cut oats in the world. And where are those oats grown? Right in Ireland’s own backyard, on the same fertile soil Irishmen have been farming for thousands of years. There’s a reason the Irish consider McCann’s a national treasure. They know a real meal when they see one.
Give your body the meal it deserves – a hearty, healthy bowl of McCann’s Irish Oatmeal.

Advertising School: The Creative Circus, Atlanta, USA
Creative Director: Nik Bristow, Fitzgerald+Co
Copywriter: Brandon George
Art Director: Will Lindberg

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All of these ads say, "Life sucked for the Irish, and the only thing they had to eat was slop." Very, very unappetizing.