Mazda: Skyactiv Revolution, Man & Machine

This series of posters and ads were developed to grab people’s attention and let them know that big things are happening at Mazda. A highly complex suite of engineering innovations called Skyactiv Technology are hitting the market, and we needed to find a way to create intrigue without bogging people down with complicated details.


Advertising Agency: The Garage, Orange County, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Harvey Marco
Creative Directors: Dino Spadavecchia, Napper Tandy
Art Director: Dino Spadavecchia
Copywriter: Napper Tandy
Illustrator: Justin Van Genderen
Photographer: Kevin Necessary
Senior Print Producer: Tracy McCarthy
Art Producer: Jessica Mirolla

November 2011


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Roger Keynes
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This is the only idea that's not bogged down with 'detail'.
Stacks of visual petrol-head pizazz, but little brand insight, wit or intellect.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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insert any other automotive brand

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Sexy design. Content is lacking.

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Napper Tandy? You can just feel the harassment.

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These are pretty weak.


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