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what is max factor - a beauty product or a salon.

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Google it.

It's a beauty product, i.e. makeup

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you gotta be kidding me.

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Muhammad Imran
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wow! I like this ad the most!

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I really like this. the affect that black and white images have are really powerful.

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Monotonously great!


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Awsome, great!!! Beautifull!!!


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It's very good, but it was done before. I just can't recall for which brand.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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I love the way the b&w focus brings out the beauty of the eyes here... nice work with the X of maXfactor in beauty spot ...

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Eyes are so catchy, that's true, I can't stop watching this add. Just great!


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Jaap Grolleman
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Good photography, but I'm missing some copy. They've got the reader interested anyway.

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sexy girl

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Brilliant. For those who appreciate beauty, copy isn't needed here..

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| Everartz |

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Love it!!!

Hate advertising? Make better ads.

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STOP USING MOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Marlus Lau
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Awesome photography.

Interesting ad.

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very nice

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why only bottom dark shadow? a place for text?

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Veerendra Moodi
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wr is copy ,................?

Veerendra Moodi

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simply its nice

nothing is impossible!

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The first client that didn't say: How about making the logo 10 times as big?! :-P

Hate advertising? Make better ads.

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I love ads where you don´t need a copy. Congratulations!

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Lol, a beauty-product without copy. I would say that's almost a necessity these days. Like fashion ads, as the products stem from the same genetic code, using copy to explain the benefits of one make-up product over another is like trying to do so about a pair of jeans (impossible). This is why fashion ads use model shots and no copy, and, evidently, why make-up ads are doing the same. You can only brag about full, lush, thick, applied-with-a-toothbrush-they're-so-damn-thick lashes so much, especially when everyone is doing and marketing the same thing. And, better to leave the talkie-talkie for TV spots anyways.

I say, same pile, different stuff.

However, the mole is interesting, yet looks a little too photoshopped for my liking, probably because it has no depth/shading.

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clever use of logo. great.

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i agree. it's better with no copy. max factor is an international brand. i think women knew that.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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THIS is quite astonishing.

I've read all the comments here and NOBODY brings up that very famous (and award-winning) Mercedes' "logo" ad campaign out of Merkley. This ad is a blatant "carbon copy" of one of their ads. (Only Mercedes used Marilyn Monroe's picture and it had one-word copy: "Beauty.")

I knew none of you were Americans on here, but still, that quite surprises me.

That's all I had to say.

Now, you may all go back being mesmerized by this ad...

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very beautiful girl...nice photo editing as well, I do think of a photography ad when I first view this though

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she is so hot

hey what else i need to say


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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