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tamer samy
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It's Life Assurance, ffs.

The copy police strike again.

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does ffs mean "for f**k sake" ? (just wondering)

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that would make sense! i'm going to start using that in everyday speech!

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Um, I hate to correct you purple-spelling-Nazi (because I love your work) but isn't this an ad for life insurance? I didn't spot an error.

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Erm, it is an ad for life insurance, but as you can't 'insure' life the product doesn't actually exist.

It's life assurance (you can be assured you'll die, but not assured you'll crash your car, etc). I know it's nit-picking but it's the principle that matters to me as a copywriter.

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Huh? If the product is 'life insurance' then surely it exists! Are getting all existential on our asses?

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hey... is it international egg day?

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Eggcactly what I was thinking.

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Lot of eggs today...

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this look like a student project

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Poor eggs...

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instinctive tra...
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just what i was thinking.

perhaps it's just me, but would i want to be told that i'm only as good as an egg when i go out to buy eggs? would i like to be told that i could crack and bleed much like an egg and that i could crack and bleed any moment, when i go out to by me eggs? CERTAINLY NOT. when i read that, i'm only striking you off my list, not entering you into one.

just my two bit.

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have you ever opened a carton and eggs, and some of them were cracked? i hope that's not how this LIFE insurance works....

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save all eggs. chicken's life insurance ad? lol

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I need coffee urgently!

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I need coffee too !!!!!!!!!!

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I need vodka, why would a New York insurance company get their ads done in India?

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maybe is the new way of working in the era of globalization,
is it cheaper to produce anything in third world country. :P

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hey good thought, more Insurance brands should do this kind of stuff for high recall

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My question is has anyone read the category i think it says its an ambient execution not an ad.

And India is not a third world country fifth bullet, its one of the fastest growing economy

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Have Heart
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Solid, but nothing special.

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Hey...they forgot to put this line - "Happy Ester day"

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Totally "duuuuh" obvious.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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A person who value the importance of his life understands this ad's meaning. Touching ad...

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