Matchbox: Kid, 3

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Frankfurt, Germany
Creative Directors: Christian Mommertz, Sr. Stephan Vogel
Copywriter: Stefan Lenz
Art Directors: Stefan Lenz, Marco Weber
Photographer: Kajetan Kandler
Via: Advert Eyes


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Out of the (match)BOX!

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F*****g good! I love that. So right for a new matchbox communication!

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Finally a toy car campaign that talks to its target.

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Yeah. And it's so obvious that nobody did it before (I maybe wrong).


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This is what advertising is all about. The kids living their fantasy. Great work guys... Glückwünsche!!

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in the name of ad
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fun but done, done, done!

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A.G. Pennypacker
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This is what an ad ought to be. People, this is how you Fu*king make ads! Damn I wish I'd done this.

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just write
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simple... awesome... great..

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Everything that is right and wrong in advertising is in this ad.

It sums up the best because it is simple, instant, insightful and just fucking wonderful.

It sums up the worst because we all know this is a fucking scam for a client that doesn't even advertise. If Matchbox ran half the advertising that is entered into shows in their name the would be Cannes advertiser of the year. And probably broke.

This was a big winner last year btw. What's it doing here now?

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