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That's not very nice towards construction workers.

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I agree. It's offending. But then what parent dreams of their kids to be construction workers. Even if you're a construction worker yourself.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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andrej dwin
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I thought it's targeting kids, not their parents.
and besides all that you can see in it, it's more likely you'll think "he gets paid for doing nothing. how much better than my job, damnit".
totaly off the mark.

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AdArena: Sex Sells

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Their lifelike miniature toy model cars positioning is painfully lost. Way, WAAAAAAAY off the mark...

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i think you ALL miss the point.

This one for me isnt as clear
But this was my comment for the other ad with the garbage man.

the thought of driving the car of your dream while you still have an amazing imagination is a fantstic thought. This is obviously targeted at fathers with young boys.

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¡¡Expliquemen por favor!!!!

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Me parece muy ofensivo las dos referencias con los trabajadores.

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nice picture and good direction artist

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Igual no me gustan, pero le explico al que lo solicitó:

Se supone que los sujetos que conducen los carros que son de "acción" no tienen mucha acción en al vida real, así que la acción figura como promesa del producto de la marca .

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Yo entiendo algo muy diferente, esta campaña se trata de que es tan real la acción de los carros, que es preferible vivirla de niños que de adultos. Me gustan, bonita gráfica

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Estoy deacuerdo es ofensivo y es dificil de entender.

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