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Not funny. Not cool.

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Pretty funny. Pretty cool.

Where's the chapati?

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do somethng NEW!!!

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if the company who should send my CV to the right place, think that my CV is acttually receiving a bad attention... this is like call me dumb, durty, wrong, or anything negative.
"What? You say me I DONT KNOW LOOKING FOR A JOB?? Are u crazy?? I have 20 years of experience!!"
if the target is people WITH experience, executive, whatever, this does not work.

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SOLD, I'd think that with over 20 years experience you'd atleast know how to communicate. I can't for the life of me figure out whether you like the ad or not...

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Took enough care to ensure that not one ort of the spilled food fell on the table but only inside the edges of the resume..

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Nice idea. They want to communicate what happens to CVs that dont get their treatment...whether the applicant is smart or not. If you ask me they did that effectively.

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how many creatives get their jobs based on their cv's?

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As a new member, seen work coming from Dubai. They need help. I'm available.

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