stateoftheart's picture
181 pencils

Looks like student work. Bad student work.

maxmagnum's picture
2 pencils

i think it's good. not every ad needs to be visually focused. the copy works.

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
10681 pencils

Can you believe the typography was NOT computer generated?
I'm sure there was some degree of manipulation and retouching involved later on, but each headline was made of large scale styrofoam models and then actually photographed...
That is true craftsmanship in advertising. A lost art. This campaign just got two enthusiastic thumbs up from me for that very reason!!

Ola Bergengren (the photographer) definitely deserves MAJOR recognition here...

Spanky's picture
4899 pencils

waste of money on a bad headline

miko1aj's picture
3098 pencils

not cimputer generated you say... but ... WHY??? For what? What does it change?

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
10681 pencils

It has been reported that Skittles is one of the best selling brands at Masterfoods, Inc.
It's arguably THE most talked about candy brand around today. Skittles' brand recognition has skyrocketed ever since the account has been at TBWA/C/D/NY. When virtually every creative work that's been done for the brand translates into ringing at the cash register and turns into a pop phenomenon, you don't go asking around "...but why?" or "for what?"

Personal tastes aside, you gotta admit this is one of the most successful campaigns in recent ad history. These "candy geniuses" seem to know exactly what they're doing over at Chiat...

miko1aj's picture
3098 pencils

I do not deny that that was succesful campaign. I do not say that this is ugly ad or something either. But you were underlining that THIS typography is not computer generated and only thing which i thought about this is that that fact is completely unnecesary because whole idea of art direction of this campaign is NOT laying and not underlining hand made work. That's all.

Davosk's picture
4815 pencils

It would look better if it was computer generated. What a stupid waste of a photographers time and clients money, it looks very dated.

A. J. SMITH's picture
2834 pencils

I completely disagree; I quite like the style, infact if it looked computer generated and shiny and glossy it would look exactly the same as every other ad/game/film etc etc out there and that would be dull dull dull.

Not a huge fan of the ad creatively, but I bet it was bloody effective!

It's only an ad.

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this student work was a one show finalist i think

Mo's picture
648 pencils

These are good. These are Skittelish.
I love their TV commercials. Weirdly wonderful. :-)


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i think this campaign is brilliant. it's nice to see that the art of the headline is not lost. every ad does not need to be a visual gag.

act's picture
535 pencils

good or bad, these prints won some awards.

Dick Huges's picture
Dick Huges
937 pencils

those headlines are crap

salamandos's picture
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I like it a lot, both lines and the illustrative typography.

DarkSide's picture
1068 pencils

I love type ads, but this one isn't any good.
(I don't need no festival to tell me what I'm supposed to like)

Renan's picture
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i agree with you darkside!

kalpesh78's picture
2580 pencils

Great lines. good art-direction..

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

itch's picture
806 pencils

colors shud be more bright, vibrant and rich.. kinda dull here..

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

Laurent's picture
289 pencils

compared to what Skittles is used to doing, this is soft.

yudi's picture
255 pencils

I like it. Not an excellent piece of work though.

basasemo's picture
46 pencils

very catchy , cheerfull, and optimistic
well done

Juan Pablo De Gamboa's picture
Juan Pablo De Gamboa
165 pencils

Amazing art work, its refreshing

Matt Aubie's picture
Matt Aubie
16 pencils

Why do the only people who give explanations for their opinions on this site have positive things to say? It is so annoying when a comment is as simple as "no good". Please explain why.

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