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pretty good. i like it.

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sorry, but for me, you went too far...
i like the dog, but i love my clean house even more.

the priceless campaign is very good and i can relate to many ads, but not to this one, it's waaaay too much for me.

but hey, i don't have a dog.

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Yes, maybe if you have no dog, or don´t like them its a bit too much.

But for dog lovers it´s a good and sensitive ad.

I like it, well done.

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As a dog lover I couldn't agree more.

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I like it.
My dog loves it.

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So good job. A new way to say something. Refresh the concept. Congratulations.

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excelent. they give "priceless" campaign a new and refreshing style. i thought that campaign was about to die, but i think it has a hole new life.

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i like it, it's a good insight for people who have had a puppy in their house.
i haven't, precisely because i've seen what it's like, and it looks a lot like the picture up there.

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trying to love the concept...maybe, a bit forced?

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why? why so neatly done house? looking too crafty...not a good extension of the campaign. sorry.

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Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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The puppy is Jamboree's Tootsie Roll own grand puppy...and she is PRICELESS! Dog lovers get it. A clever use of the papers and campaign.

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Guest commenter

i like it because the dog looks like my dog

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