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3086 pencils

Think it's great campaign. Although this very beautiful, yet, not so legible handwriting may make people too annoyed to read it all through. Nevertheless idea behind it is great. It somehow personalizes art which presents also people. Nice twist.

WillyLatasa's picture
616 pencils


"Bright ideas bring better results"

silvi's picture
4172 pencils

Beautiful words. Makes me want to go.

Hibon's picture
3734 pencils

I saw a great campaign today

Simple ideas are the best !

satrianee's picture
3748 pencils

I think there are too many sentences there... The copy should be expressing the "invitation" with less words. Just like the artist did.

The idea is good though. Invitation send by the artist himself makes it more personal.

Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
2211 pencils

A campaign that appeals to the eye, mind and heart; that's a pretty good hat trick for any advertising creative.

xcreativity's picture
2374 pencils

great copy congrats

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Roger Keynes
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love this series =') great copy !

ek kanya's picture
ek kanya
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have seen this absic idea of wrinkles as text talking about the past. but this one is well done so is execusable.

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Dev Kumar
834 pencils

Great campaign. One expects such work from Brazil.

the_guest's picture
175 pencils

an excellent way to focus on the paintings while addressing the reader! love the long copy :)

funky_frogii's picture
2536 pencils

am loving these.

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Missing the point , totally. Saying the history of the picture threw story telling is nice.. but to tell what the picture saw?? . What I care is how good this picture is, and not what the picture saw..seeing all of those things does not make the picture better.
Its good to have a story telling, but connected to the value of the brand.
From other side every body says that is a good campaign.. so maybe they are right, its more important the picture to see you. ... sad.

miko1aj's picture
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You miss the piont mate. This campaing wants to make people feel ashamed that they're NOT used to visit such places like galleries (provided that they go to shopping malls). No one wants to convince that actual "content", saying it vulgarly, or "arte" is better, softener, more shining, glimmering and sexy as it were a mere commercial product. DO you really think that "selling" Rembrandt is to convince people that this is IT – You MUST go and see it NOW!??

Corbeen's picture
1093 pencils

So, u r saying that this campaign wants to make people ashamed that they not go to museums. Nice.. So u want ashamed and scared people in the museum standing infront of a picture of rembrandt and after that they should be happy?Oh my god now i am free to go to the shoping mall again.. What kind of manipulative comment was that..by the way i think even a campaign wich have to make people beeing ashamed would have diferent approach by something more edgy and not hardrly readable text.

When u talk about art there are many things that u can say mate, and beeing ahsamed for me is the last of them. (respect ur public)
For example a ordinary picture of rembrandt hides betweeen 4 or 5 pictures inside. Van gogh is one of the rear painters who is practicly impossible to print in book just because of the ammount of collor he used. U have the letters from vincent to theo,rembrandt quotes,renoar stroies, every pic in this campaign have history, u have 100000000 possible insights,waiting out there to be used in a campaign and u support the most stupidest one in wich they dont say anything about painting ?
Come to the museum be ashamed! The picture want to see ur stupid shoping mall face... thats what u r saying.. It is sad believe me especially for art ..ITs just an atempt for award winning ad but only nice try..

miko1aj's picture
3086 pencils

Hey gentleman. Why be so nervous? I see that You still cannot understand. Saying "Come to the museum be ashamed!" you criticize an argument which never have been given. So, Corbeen, forgive me, but I'll not proceed with that cute conversation. Stay well.

Corbeen's picture
1093 pencils

No man:), Im not nervous at all. It was just a right place for an argument. no hard feelings at all. we may proceed with reading comments of some members with cute pictures saying "nice" and "not good" all the time.

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I have seen a Rembrandt exhibition in the National Gallery of London. There was a big room where they've screened a short movie about Rembrandt's life every 30 minutes. Guess what. The room was crowded. Many people care about the circumstances of a painting too... if those little details are interesting. And as we see it (praisers of these ads), these short stories are good enough to gain attention.

bobby666's picture
1460 pencils

great copy. great idea. brilliant. congos.

mrckais's picture
417 pencils

yep, great copy, nice art, brilliant idea...
but something is missing here. you can't read the copy with this handwriting


veneg's picture
45 pencils

Wow, I love these ! Great copy, beautiful art, really really nice. Bravo. But the copy reading does get technical on the smaller words.

Dzsoi's picture
7520 pencils

The more I see of this campaign the more I fell in love with it. The most elegant, most interesting, most emotional idea to promote an exhibition I have ever seen. Simply perfect. (Okay, font is a bit unreadable, but the fact it's a handwriting supports the idea.)

sintra's picture
699 pencils

Excellent !

elfede's picture
140 pencils

Great work.

edvia's picture
79 pencils

Really like this campaign and the copy. The only thing I would change would be to take out the very last line, so it ends here: "...there’s one thing I haven’t seen yet: you." That says it all, and the last line makes it feel a little clunky. Other than that, bravo.

rolling.stone's picture
2740 pencils

hats off

only 1 issue - copy might not be readable in actual print ad.


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i saw a painting speak to my heart :)

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