Masp Museum: Hands, 1

MASP art collection. The greatest artists’ masterpieces almost touching you.
The most brilliant hand of the world have made the MASP art collection.

Advertising Agency: MPM Propaganda, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Aaron Sutton, Jorge Iervolino
Art Director: Guilherme Somensato
Copywriter: José Arnaldo Suaid
Photographer: Leonardo Luz
Published: October 2007


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575 pencils

That's not DM9's. Too bad even for them.
This is MPM's campaign.

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There's just a few museums in the world where you can stay for a palm's hand of a Picasso, Cézzane or Renoir.
For 60 years the most brilliant hands in the world have made MASP's art.

Yes, it's from MPM, not DM9DDB.
And isn't bad at all.

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these hands doesn't have anything to do with any of these artists. they should have at least used 'hand patterns' representing the movement which the artists belonged to...

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