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1857 pencils

this is so confusing. birth control, moon, persistence, moon, huh?

CuriousCat's picture
20 pencils

birth control meets astrology??
wierd... i guess with this pills you can only have sex once in a month

Diegonz's picture
44 pencils

It should be "one night's persistence, one month's happiness"

pscs's picture
440 pencils

yeah, that's what the chinese caption says...

whitespace's picture
1953 pencils

No it's not.

ackattak's picture
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This doesn't make a lick of sense.

inviniti's picture
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One night happiness? Didn't your Chinese characters mentioned "every night"? Fancy sometimes looking at ads which possessed a dull retro idea, feel like listening to Michael Jackson's BAD album today. Yes it's BAD.

JacelynAngel's picture
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i dont actually know how the medicine works~~but

do we have to consume it for whole month?

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I just looked up "Marvelon" which is in the tags - it's apparently a contraceptive. So I guess this would be an ad to promote the knowledge that you have to take the pill every day for it to be effective. I remember being told that some Asian countries, despite their technological advances, still sometimes have trouble with things like this, that us Westerners take for granted.

The moon symbology works, but not many modern women think of it that way (unless pagan). I don't know, maybe the moon has enough of an importance in the Chinese culture that this will convey the "monthly cycle" meaning.

"One night's happiness" seems a strange way to put it, but it could very well be the translation.

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A more accurate (and none-too-elegant) translation would be:
"Use for the whole month, enjoy every night."

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there are 21 pills if these are pills, they are not even a one full month... apart from the bad notion

| Everartz |

intertog's picture
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ask your girlfriend - she should be able to explain why they only come in 21s :-)

And indeed, it's not translated very well (a friend explained). It should say, kind of,
"If you remember to take it every day you'll enjoy a full month of happines/joy (you name it ;-)

It's always a challange for non-english ads to
a) find the right translation
b) translate it in such a way that it's still interesting but correct

...makes it really hard with in the awards...

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Handsome Wong
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You are right ^_^

bootchec's picture
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have you guys ever had a girlfriend? translation is bit off. but the moon makes perfect sense although art direction is bit boring and scary.

lhkholly's picture
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1. the English translation is really bad. It makes reaaders confuse.

2. I,fr a chinese female audience's point of view, think that the idea of this adv is actually quite good. It arouses my resonance. To most of the male audiences, they may not be able to understand the message as they dont really know how to take this kind of pills. yet, it's not important, as the target audiences of this adv are Female but not male.

lhkholly's picture
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yup...i agree with what bootchec said!!!

act's picture
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what's funny is the creative director's name. it's a different world in China alright.

witness505's picture
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The taglines in plain english is " Take it every day of the month and enjoy every night." ... anyway... No for me.

Handsome Wong's picture
Handsome Wong
28 pencils

Sorry for the wrong translation,Maybe “One month's persistence, every night's happiness” is more appropriate.

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Nice idea. Love the art. No need of the product at the bottom.

Guest's picture

No need of the product? What do you think, that this ad is made by The Pill Organisation®?

Guest's picture

No need of the product? What do you think, that this ad is made by The Pill Organisation®?

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