Marsans Viagens: Live your own travel experience, Eiffel

It’s a very tall iron lattice tower, which becomes thinner upwards and sparkles by night.
Live your own travel experience.

Advertising Agency: Giacometti, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: João Santos
Art Directors: João Santos
Copywriter: Luis Baselli


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Good concept

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Phil Lestino
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That's Blackpool alright!

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The copy is too bland, as if a kid writing a postcard to his granny, or a person describing to a blind man about the place. Maybe you could have written an experience there, with some unique insight.

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btw, a eiffeltower is a threesome with the woman in the middle and the two men high fiving;)

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ABsolutly DONE

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no need the photos in these series imo, just a better copy on a postcard would make stronger
cause this copy sounds like some TV quiz show of which its name i cant remember...
"what is eifel tower?" is the corrrect question... jeopardy was it?

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Well, this is not immediately obvious, but pay attention to that part of the copy that serves as a tag line: Live your OWN travel experience.. Meaning, for you the Eiffel tower could mean something completely different. Maybe you'd describe it as the place where you met someone whom you later fell in love with..

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Pushkaraj Shirke
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THIS IDEA IS SOOOOOOOOOO BRILLIANT!!!!!!! it just needs more fleshing out. hey copy guy! rework this shit! this has got real potential!!!!
this is an endlessly extendible idea.

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