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this makes no sense. besides, there isn't a fork next to the ax.

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The fork doesn't belong to a tool shed. There is a fork second right down.

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oh but there is!! look closely..
anyhow i think it's targeted at the "high society", "polished" types.. god forbid someone puts a fork in the wrong place at the dinner table!!

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At first I didn't find the fork, therefore I didn't like it. Then, after a long search I found it. Then I liked the ad VEEEEEEry much! They've got to the point: it takes a long time to feel all the flavour tones that this wine has, same as for finding the f*** fork! :-) But the other two are week, compared to this one coz you can easily find the crime and the shoe.

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I think the idea behind that concept is very good.
But who, apart from nosy creatives would take the time in real life to understand these ads???

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Can't seem to find the blasted thing, but I agree, the concept is very nice, the crime one is just in bad taste, and they could've really hit a home run with this!

... its already been done...

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