Marmite: Snack, 3

You'll either love them or you'll hate them.

Advertising Agency: DDB, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Head of Art: Grant Parker
Art Directors / Copywriters: Graeme Hall, Noah Regan
Illustrator: Al Murphy
Photographer: Andy Grimshaw


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the old campain last year was much better.

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Lone Turtle

Does anybody know if DDB actually originated the 'Love it or Hate it' campaign? Who first came up with the brilliant idea of focusing on people who hated it and when?

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i'm more on the hate side.

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good art. good ad. I love simplicity which has it's own unique style. Idea with different angles is not so fresh, but this here is fun.

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The artwork is great. Fun and simple! Love it. The line, however, needs more thought. This particular copy seems like the easy way out. Other products already use it. For instance, Marmite:

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Made Of Ideas
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This is an ad for Marmite. That's why the tag is the same.

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1687 pencils

Ah, yes, it is. My mistake.

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Please tell me you're joking?
Surely no one commenting here is so da...
oh nevermind.

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Hm. I wasn't joking. Just a slip of the eyes. Human error.

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1687 pencils

Woops! Yeah, it is for Marmite. Nevermind, the line works amazingly then! Ha. The ads' double meanings are ingenious.

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Natalie M did you check what the product in this ad actually is?

NatalieM's picture
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I was struck by quick internetting. Woops. It is for Marmite.

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I don't get it.

Here's something I do get though...

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Lone Turtle

What don't you get? The ads are memorable. Sales have gone up. Everybody's happy.

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natalie this is for marmite, doh.

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Thanks for pointing that out! :)

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whitefang repeating what people have already said doesn't make you clever.

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Good art direction, good concept, but it lacks a drive to it - so what is the practicality of the ad? May look good, might win awards, but leaves your client no better that when they started :(

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Why is that?

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Not really geek, did you know there are other forms of advertising out there than response driven ads? I see them in the shops, I remember the ads made me smile, I buy it. As a client I definitely do feel better off.

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modern drunker
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how ddb london can copy his own ads.
marmite is cool
this one is without interet

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DDB never disappoints me.

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i do like these a lot - because not only is the art nice - but the insight is even greater. it's true w/ rice cakes you either hate 'em or u love 'em. as far as a lack of a cta - i don't think you need to drive everything to the internet - not everything does too good on the internet. they're rice cakes after all. the fact the product is a nice size, i think the cta is driving the consumer to question the idea of whether or not they've tried a good rice cake.

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quite like it. they're a one idea company so stick to that one idea and give it some fun art work and creative use of text. makes sense. prefer that than too many ideas at play and none being very clear.

take it this is the 'love them' version. is there a 'hate them' version too?

cant believe theyve actually credited a copywriter though!

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Guest commenter

Hah, just because an ad is visual doesn't mean a copywriter isn't involved. *broken record playing*

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y o y did this win cannes

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