Marmite: Snack, 2

You'll either love them or you'll hate them.

Advertising Agency: DDB, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Head of Art: Grant Parker
Art Directors / Copywriters: Graeme Hall, Noah Regan
Illustrator: Al Murphy
Photographer: Andy Grimshaw

September 2008


Ramezani's picture
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the old campain last year was much better.

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Craig Valmer
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Ramezani you idiot. There're two different products. Squeezable - cracker. Got it?

And, if you rather so bad the last year campaign, print and hang at your walls. Moron!

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First of all, cool the hell down.

They're two different products. But the concept is exactly the same. A total ripoff.

By your logic, it should be okay to sell a non-Nike product under the slogan "Just do it" as long as that product is not anything Nike currently produces. Nonsense.

moco azul's picture
moco azul
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you cool it down too.
they're different concepts with the same copy wich is different... (and that copy was used before that a lots of times).

and a slogan an a copy is not the same.
so by your logic if nike store is on sale they cant use the big SALE sign because adidas did it before.

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Two products from the same company.


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Ahhh I didn't see that when you turn the ad upside down the mouth becomes a toilet. Very cool indeed

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Amazing! Took me some time but it works! :D

//usevertising v.s badvertising//
C'est une question de vie ou de mort.

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